President’s Newsletter – June 2024

Hello Colleagues! At the recent AAPD conference, keynote speaker Ryan Leak highlighted the power of community in overcoming failure. He emphasized that within a supportive group, setbacks become valuable learning experiences. Our hope is that WSAPD continues to help foster and encourage a sense of community among us, helping us support each other, grow together, […]

President’s Newsletter – February 2024

President’s Newsletter – February 2024 Dear Colleagues, 2024 has already shown to be an exciting year! We hope as the weather is starting to warm up, and within your busy days, you find moments of joy and sunshine. The WSAPD board recently had our quarterly board meeting, and we would like to highlight a few […]

President’s Newsletter – January 2024

President’s Newsletter – January 2024 Dear Colleagues,  Happy new year! Hope your 2024 isstarting off well!  In the dynamic world of pediatric dentistry, where our role oscillates between challenging and rewarding, we often find ourselvesimmersed in the activity of treating patients,yet experience a sense of professional isolation in our individual practices. Recognizing the importance of […]