Date: March 23, 2024

Time: Breakfast and Registration 7:30AM, Lecture and Hands-on Workshop 8AM-4PM

CE Credits: 7 hours

Location: Washington Academy of General Dentistry Global Learning Center – Heyamoto room 

SpeakerDr. Jihyon Kim

Known affectionately as the “Discing Queen” for her exquisite hand-skills, Dr. Jihyon Kim prides herself in the development of her unique discing protocol for shaping aesthetic injection overmolded tooth forms using contouring and polishing discs, which she employs artfully in the treatment of her patients and teaches meticulously during hands-on advanced adhesion and direct composite courses at the Black Triangle Solutions center in Seattle, WA. She also lectures throughout the country on anterior micro-esthetics and biomimetic restorative dentistry. 

Dr. Jihyon Kim is a 1999 graduate of the University of Washington School of Dentistry. With a passion for concepts of occlusion and adhesive dentistry, she has pursued advanced training through Dawson Academy, Kois Center, Spear Education, and the Alleman Biomimetic Mastership. Today, she practices clinical dentistry full-time while teaching hands-on courses in adhesive dentistry. She has published multiple articles on direct composite dentistry and lectured extensively. Dr. Kim’s practice has an emphasis on esthetic smile rejuvenation via advanced adhesive and biomimetic dentistry. As Director of the Institute of Injection Overmolding in Seattle, Washington, Dr. Kim’s focus is on delivering an advanced, intuitive, and intimate hands-on learning experience to clinicians seeking excellence in restorative dentistry. She can be reached via email at or on Instagram @discingqueen.

Course: Direct Anterior Solutions for Common Esthetic Dilemmas with Pediatric Patients

Anterior esthetic dilemmas such as midline diastema, undersized lateral incisor, class IV defects, and traumatic fracture will be encountered in every pediatric practice. The goal is to manage esthetic challenges through important social emotional years while maximally preserving tooth structure and future restorative options. One does not have to be a “cosmetic” dentist to treat these with confidence. Many of these cases that can be managed successfully with minimal planning, a basic composite color palette, and simple polishing steps. These concepts will elevate your composite skills and confidence to manage your pediatric patients. 

  1. Case selection for single-shade injection over-molded restorations.
  2. Review of simplified shade selection and polishing steps.
  3. Matrix and contact management for diastema cases.
  4. Managing traumatic fractures via direct composite or fragment reattachment.

Hands-on Exercises:

  1. Large Class IV Reconstruction
  2. Undersized Lateral Incisor Treatment 
  3. Midline Diastema Closure

Due to hands-on nature of the course space is limited. Early registration recommended to ensure availability. 

Registration Cancellation Policy: All cancellation requests are due in writing to on or before March 1, 2024. Processing fee of $15 dollars is nonrefundable, remaining fees will be refunded. No refunds will be granted after March 1, 2024 and fees cannot be refunded if you are unable to attend.

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